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Environmental Initiatives and Compliance

Environmental Initiatives

As a data center operator that cares, we give the utmost consideration to our impact on the environment.
In addition to designing environmentally friendly data centers, we also conduct energy-conserving operations on a daily basis. These have been widely recognized through official accreditations that we have received.

Data center operations that respect the environment
・Transforming data centers into greener spaces
・Maximizing use of natural light by drawing in sunlight
・Effective employment of solar panels
・Installation of waterless toilet facilities
・Promoting recycling of disused equipment, etc.


AT TOKYO Environmental Initiatives Activities (From April 2021 to March 2022)
AT TOKYO Environmental Initiatives Activities (From April 2020 to March 2021)
AT TOKYO Environmental Initiatives Activities (From January 2019 to December 2019)

AT TOKYO’s Environmental Initiatives

Our data center has been acknowledged as a “Top Level Facility” for its compliance with the standards determined by the Governor of Tokyo. Details are here.

Our data centers have received the Grand Prize of Electricity Use Rationalization Committee Chairman’s Award. Details are here.

AT TOKYO’s environmental efforts
To see the photo gallery of our fiscal 2021 initiatives, click here.

Introducing our initiatives and consideration for the environment as a caring data center operator.
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Environmental Protection Activities

Cleanup activities in the vicinity of our data centers
Our staff carries out regular cleanup activities in the areas where our data centers and offices are located. Our goal is to exist in harmony with the local citizens, and to contribute to the creation of an even stronger local community.


About our corporate ethical action guidelines
Under our management's philosophy of "providing information and communications infrastructure to support the foundation of society", we, as AT TOKYO Corporation, always work while respecting our "Corporate Ethical Action Guidelines”. We will take all necessary actions based on these guidelines so that we may continue as a company that has gained the deep-rooted trust of each of its customers. The entire company, including our employees and any affiliated parties that are involved in business operations as commissioned by our company, are fully committed to uphold the strongest sense of ethics while engaging in business, as well as being fully aware of, and complying with, the pertinent laws and guidelines that are relevant to our business activities.