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Providing Diverse Services and Redundant Environments from 11 Data Centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Other Cities in Japan

With world-class durable buildings, multiple power feeds, 24/365 mission-critical operations run by highly experienced engineers, monitoring systems and multiple security levels, AT TOKYO’s data centers are well equipped to not impede customers’ businesses. With 11 data centers located at the heart of Japan’s main business centers, including Tokyo and Osaka, we meet the fundamental requirements of data center needs for BCP during natural disasters as well as network redundancy for cloud use.
By linking AT TOKYO’s Chuo Center (CC1) located in the network hub of the Tokyo metropolitan area and other data centers across Japan, a highly effective and robust network implementation and operation can be made possible.

At data centers with ATBeX connection points, it is possible to use or provide multiple business services utilizing ATBeX as a platform.

• ATBeX: AT TOKYO Business eXchange. A platform service efficiently providing a vast array of connectivity to services offered by service providers within AT TOKYO’s data centers and offers collaboration opportunities between enterprise systems.


AT TOKYO Chuo Center (CC1)

With a total floor area of 140,000 square meters, AT TOKYO's flagship data center is one of the largest data center buildings in Japan.

AT TOKYO Chuo Center #2 (CC2)

A world-class, high-density data center.

AT TOKYO Data Center #3 (DC3)

Available as a data center in its own right, or as a backup for the Chuo Center Campus or other data centers in the metropolitan area.

AT TOKYO Data Center #2 (DC2)

Underground data center with excellent disaster resilience, located in Tokyo.


AT TOKYO Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)

A data center with a focus on customers in the financial industry.

AT TOKYO Kansai Data Center #2 (DC12)

Located in the Dojima area, this is a carrier-neutral data center acting as Kansai’s network hub.

AT TOKYO Kansai Data Center #3 (KDC3)

A data center located in the city of Osaka, providing excellent accessibility, high space scalability, and flexibility to accommodate high-density configurations.


AT TOKYO Hokkaido Center #1 (HC1)

A data center located in Sapporo with top-notch facility and reliable power supply system provides neutral and flexible connection services.


AT TOKYO Chugoku Center #1 (CH1)

A data center located in Hiroshima provides neutral and flexible connectivity that is available in redundant configurations.


AT TOKYO Kyusyu Center #1 (QC1)

A data center in Fukuoka, the central business district of Kyushu, provides superior network and business environment for customers in Kyushu and Western Japan.


AT TOKYO Okinawa Center #1 (OK1)

A data center located in Okinawa prefecture can serve to support business continuity planning.

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