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  • Corporate Name
    AT TOKYO Corporation (AT TOKYO)

  • Head Office
    3rd floor, Toyosu Prime Square, 5-6-36 Toyosu, Koto-ku,
    Tokyo 135-0061 Japan
    Telephone: +81-3-6372-3000 (main)

  • Established
    June 26, 2000
  • Capital
    ¥13.3785 billion
  • Business Lines
    Data center colocation operator.
    Telecommunications carrier (notified status)
  • Shareholders
  • Commencement of Operations
    September 2000
  • Centers
    Within Tokyo metropolitan area (23 wards and Tama area), Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Executive Members

  • President & Chief Executive Officer
    Akira Nakamura
  • Executive Vice President
    Ichiro Yagisawa
  • Executive Director
    Takuya Yamashita
  • Executive Director (CTO)
    Koji Yajima
  • Director
    Tatsuya Izumida
    (Director BPO&ICT, SECOM Co., Ltd.)
  • Director
    Toshinori Sugimoto
    (Executive Officer
    Head of Techno Installation Services & Facility Management Division, SECOM Co., Ltd.)
  • Director
    Hirotoshi Maeda
    (Senior Managing Executive Officer, SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.)
  • Director
    Kazuhiko Shiba
    (Member of the Board and Managing Executive Officer,TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated)
  • Director
    Shuzo Hikida
    (Senior Managing Executive Officer
    General Manager, Network and Outsourcing Division Director, INTEC Inc.)
  • Full-time Auditor
    Haruhisa Fujikawa
  • Auditor
    Yasuyuki Yoshida
    (Senior Executive Director, SECOM Co., Ltd.)
  • Auditor
    Yoshihito Morishita
    (Director, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.)
  • Managing Executive Officer
    Kouichi Yasumura
  • Managing Executive Officer
    Tadashi Nishiyama
  • Managing Executive Officer
    Hitoshi Yokomori
  • Executive Officer
    Yoshinari Moriwaki
  • Executive Officer
    Masashi Ichihara
  • Executive Officer
    Makoto Shuto
  • Executive Officer
    Kiminori Kobayashi

Acquired certifications, etc.