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Internet Connection Services

Internet connection services for AT TOKYO users. In order to ensure a balanced reach in Japan and worldwide from our Internet AS (AS9999), we have selected some of the top Internet Service Providers that are an NSP and with strong ISP connectivity in Japan and worldwide. We also host and connect with many Japanese IXs (Internet eXchange points).

Optical Fiber Services

Connections can be made using optical-fiber cabling on a point-to-point basis between a customer‘s location and AT TOKYO’s data center’s. High security and stability is achieved by using optical-fibers only, and without using relay transmitters . Customers can select communication methods and bandwidths via their own network transmission devices.

In-house Cross Connect Services

AT TOKYO offers physical connections between customers, etc., using communication cables, distribution frames, and other equipment, which is implemented and operated within AT TOKYO’s facilities for communications both onsite and outside the facility.

PTP Services

PTP (Precision Time Protocol) is a time synchronization protocol as defined in IEEE1588. It enables the highly accurate time synchronization between devices across the network. Although conventional NTP (Network Time Protocol) maintains precision down to millisecond level, PTP allows synchronization accuracy of less than a microsecond, meeting synchronization requirements with the higher accuracy needed by some applications. We deliver redundant PTP time synchronization service via AT TOKYO’s PTP service for AT TOKYO data center users.

  • AT TOKYO operates PTP grandmaster and all upstream equipment
  • Available at less cost than the purchase and installation of all equipment by customers themselves
  • Offers two complete systems of in-house cross-connects from GPS antenna to PTP grandmaster to customers location onsite
  • Direct connection from PTP grandmaster port

NTP (Stratum 1) Service

Time synchronization service with NTP via a secure connection without needing to use the Internet. Using multiple GNSS satellites as its time source, Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, “Michibiki” is also available as a time source in addition to GPS. We provide access to “Stratum 1” NTP servers in redundant form via our network platform service, ATBeX.

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