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Message from Engineering and Services Division Manager

Introduction of our team

Managing Director, Engineering & Services Division
Jun Anezaki

“My name is Jun Anezaki. I am the Engineering and Services Division Manager.
AT TOKYO's data centers are world class in terms of scale and quality, and our in-house engineers are trained to continuously refine their knowledge in order to provide the most reliable facility operations, and to be able to rapidly meet the diverse needs of our customers.
We place great importance on security and reliability, as well as the people and underlying technologies. Our aim is to continue to focus on providing cutting edge data center services.“

Data Center Specialists can Respond Quickly and Accurately

“AT TOKYO's data centers have some of the largest data center spaces in the world, and can offer strong and stable power supply, air conditioning, and communications. Our in-house engineers consist of technical personnel who are able to quickly and accurately respond to customer requests for designs, construction, maintenance, and operation.
We will continue to enhance our technical ability, and maintain and develop a powerful engineering group, with the goal of remaining to be what feel is the best data center in the world. Please feel free to contact us at any time.“

Our Commitment

Message from Electrical Equipment Group Representative

One of the best qualities of AT TOKYO is its ability to respond to the diverse needs of its customers.

Message from Equipment Maintenance Group Representative

Our customers rely on our data centers to ensure safe custody of their important information assets , and it is our people who are proud to support those centers.

Message from Communications and Cabling Division

A thorough site-oriented, hands-on approach. That is the strict standard we set for ourselves within AT TOKYO, with its goal of zero downtime.

Message from an @EYE ® Developer

Since we have many customers from overseas, we aim to provide superior service while studying examples of installations in other countries.

Message from Sales Division Manager

AT TOKYO's“Digital Business Platform" creates new value for your company.

Our Strengths

Strengths of the world-leading data centers provided by AT TOKYO

1Facilities that give uncompromising focus to mission-critical operations

Our facilities are located in strong, secure buildings that can withstand almost any type of natural disaster. We provide services to a world-leading standard, including reliable and flexible power supplies, ample air conditioning, spaces with expansion potential, and a selection of solutions for networks, security, and operations.

2Diverse services, offered by professionals with the full application of their experience and knowledge

We have leading experts in each field of the wide-ranging operations associated with data centers that can answer our customers' diverse requests. We are also able to provide this high quality service for overseas customers with Japanese/English bilingual services.

3Support for growing the business of our customers

AT TOKYO has ultra-low latency connection environments within its data centers. Various domestic and overseas industries have formed their own communities, where this connectivity aids the growth of the businesses of our customers.

4Carrier-neutral data centers

As a specialized data center business, AT TOKYO offers highly reliable, low latency broadband networks on a carrier-neutral, vendor-neutral basis.

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Service Descriptions

We offer a wide variety of services to meet the demands of our customers that begins with a focus on basic data center services.
If you would like to find out more information or have any questions regarding data centers or datacenter services, please refer to our service descriptions or feel free to contact us.

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