About Us

Continue. Connect. Co-Create. - Collaboration Platform.
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our Founding.
- 20th Anniversary Message -

AT TOKYO was born 20 years ago, in June 2000.

Since then, with our highly professional staff offering some of the world’s highest-level data center services, we have achieved an impeccable record of 24/365 zero-downtime operations for data centers that host our customers’ precious technology assets.

We are proud to provide not only a platform, but also a robust infrastructure that is both secure to connect to, and offers total reliability in use under any circumstances.

In recent years, as technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI, and 5G have been generating bright new opportunities, we have been offering our data center services as the “Continue. Connect. Co-Create. - Collaboration Platform ” that is able to continuously and effectively support a diverse range of solutions, whilst creating value opportunities by connecting customers to new business, and the whole world beyond.

Taking full advantage of the reliability and quality that we have carefully nurtured over these past 20 years, we serve an up to date collaboration platform that connects directly in to the core of our society, promoting partnership and continuity.

As a digital business platform supporting diverse services in Japan and around the globe, AT TOKYO is firmly committed to the support of our customers’ business, and to contribute to society at large as well as the continued evolution of our society.