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We offer a wide variety of services according to customer usage.

Basic Data Center Services

The space in AT TOKYO's data centers combines robustness and scalability, and is available in three forms: colocation, caged colocation, and housing. All are designed to address the diverse needs of our customers.

Colocation services

Space is provisioned in server rooms with floor areas of 300m2 or more. We will create layout designs that provide the optimal environment for the customer's needs.

Caged colocation services

These spaces can be used as high-security customer-exclusive spaces. An enclosed cage with enough space to host 5 to 15 racks, these can be contracted for in units of zones. Security levels for the individual cages can be customized.

Rack colocation / Housing services

Starting from a single rack, the number of racks used can be increased in accordance with business expansion. A variety of optional services are also available, including performing business operations on the customer's behalf, and even relocation support to colocation / caged colocation services in the case of a large-scale expansion.


Premium rack colocation services

An ideal service for financial sector customers, offering
use in accordance with changing business scale. This facility supports high-density configurations, and also offers remote monitoring of rack operating conditions, bilingual English/Japanese language support, and proxy IT monitoring work as well as management for primary incident support. We can provide a wide variety of services in accordance with customer requirements.

Service Specification Table

  Colocation Services Caged colocation Services Rack colocation / Housing services
Contract unit Room Zone (5 to 15 racks can be accommodated) Rack
Exclusive sectionsecurity Customisable Cage security is customisable
(ten-key, card reader, etc.)
Over 10,000 combinations of individually-specialised rack keys
Racks Can be brought in by customers
(please consult with us on weight and other matters)
AT TOKYO standard racks
(19-inch, EIA standard, 47U)
(please consult with us if racks are required to be brought in)
Electricity charges Measured rate Flat rate
Power supply types Multiple types of power supply can be provided
(single-phase AC 100 V/200 V, 3-phase AC 200 V, etc. - please consult for specific detail, etc)

Network Services

High-reliability, ultra-low latency broadband networks
AT TOKYO provides highly reliable, ultra-low latency, broadband networks on a carrier-neutral and vendor-neutral basis.


We enable business connections using ultra-low latency environments within communities formed by the various industries housed within our data centers.
We also have a wide variety of onsite domestic and overseas telecommunications carriers so customers can select the network services that best meets their needs.

(AT TOKYO Business eXchange)

ATBeX is a cross-connectivity platform within data centers and is capable of supporting bandwidth up to 100Gbps per connection. By using ATBeX, customers can connect quickly and efficiently to a wide range of services and communities. It can also be used to support collaborative opportunities by enabling connectivity between Enterprise systems.

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Cloud Connection Services

This service provides closed connectivity to cloud services including AWS, Google Cloud Platform™, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This service allows customers to construct highly reliable hybrid cloud utilization environment by offering private connections from customer's on-premise systems to the cloud services.

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Optical fiber services

Achieving high-speed broadband circuits at a fixed rate, connections can be made using optical fiber core wires on a point-to-point basis between a customer's location and an AT TOKYO data center. Customers can use these highly-reliable broadband networks as much as they desire.

Internet connection services

Large-capacity backbones and high-reliability, high-speed connections.
In addition to large-capacity backbones having high reliability with the use of redundant equipment and lines, highly-dependable high-speed Internet services are available using mutual connections in our centers with 3 IX (JPIX, DIX-IE, BBIX).

DC backup services

AT TOKYO is a member of the SECOM Group.
The SECOM Group also provides safe and secure data centers that can be leveraged to allow mutual backups to be carried out with AT TOKYO data centers.

Operational Services

Feel free to entrust the operation and management of your data center infrastructure to the professional experts of AT TOKYO.
We can provide valuable support for securing personnel with specialized knowledge and for reducing work loads and cost burdens related to quality control and security monitoring.

IT monitoring and operation services

We provide services including IT infrastructure and equipment monitoring, vendor calls, primary incident support, LED confirmation, periodic reboots, and other periodic work such as tape replacement and storage, as well as preparation of reports in accordance with customer requirements.

DC operational support services

We can provide the proxy management and support for a customer's data center that is located within an AT TOKYO data center. Also, as a data center management partner we can provide the services needed in accordance with customer requirements.

@EYE ®

@EYE ® is AT TOKYO's DCIM system. It allows customers to monitor the conditions inside the data center from their own offices over a secure Internet connection. An overall view of an entire server room can be displayed on a PC screen, allowing customers to visually monitor the temperature and humidity inside the room as well as the status of racks and PDUs. If an alarm occurs, customers can also confirm at a glance the area where the problem was generated. We can prepare PDU related screens, screens displaying power supply systems, air conditioning, and other data as required, all based on the needs of the customer.

* DCIM : Data Center Infrastructure Management


@Ractiv (AT TOKYO's Rack and Telecom Intelligent View) is AT TOKYO's cloud-based monitoring platform. You can choose to set the monitoring parameters for YOUR IT systems using this service.
@Ractiv makes building your own IT systems' monitoring system possible without needing to invest in your own software. And of course, any outages or issues discovered through usage of the system can be handed over for resolution by our on-site support service team, whether it be just visual verification of your equipment to full service restoration support.

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AT TOKYO uses CFD to visualize the flow of air in spaces, allowing us to gain an accurate understanding of operational conditions including airflow and temperature in each of the server rooms. Cold air can be efficiently supplied from cooling systems to the interior of customer server rooms without waste. The excess heat generated from racks is extracted, maintaining an environment with the optimal in-room temperature.

* CFD : Computational Fluid Dynamics

Consulting Services

We can also suggest other services according to each customer’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

BCP-related services

In any type of foreseeable disaster situation, our highly-reliable power supply and high earthquake resistance robustness that are the pride of AT TOKYO's data centers will support the uninterrupted operation of our customers' vital information assets in order to continue and sustain their businesses. We can also provide data center backup services coordinated with our #3 Center located in Musashino as well as the SECOM Group's data centers. We can also help you get prepared by offering sales of emergency supplies for disaster situations. Customers can rely on AT TOKYO for consultation regarding BCP.

BCP Office Service

AT TOKYO’s BCP Office Services are based on our extensive experience as a top level facilities management company gained through our main business as a data center operator. This service provides the ideal office environment, essential for business continuity in an emergency. Our BCP office is located within the AT TOKYO data center, with its excellent seismic durability coupled with easy access from the city center. The highly reliable power supplies are a direct power connection to the underground substation, with a backup feed and backup emergency power generation available as well. We can also provide access to a wide variety of robust network and internet connectivity solutions thanks to on-site presence of a large number telecommunication carriers’ POPs. We can also provide onsite storage space for essential disaster supplies in case of emergency. To complete this offering, we can provide additional support in the form of rental furniture, MCA wireless solutions, and sale items like satellite mobile phone, etc. We would be happy to consider other requests, just let our account management team know your needs.AT TOKYO can help ensure that you have the best possible options for your business continuity.

Security services

The services available on AT TOKYO's security operations menu can protect customer's information assets by a safe and secure system that includes access management, key and ID card management, and log management. We can also provide proxy services for the customer such as data deletion services ensuring reliable deletion of data inside the center without taking hard disks outside the DC building, and is accompanied by data deletion certificates. For those customers with difficulties in disposing of waste material themselves due to operational issues, we can provide proxy disposal services to help dispose in line with the strict local regulations.

Cloud services

SECOM Managed Cloud Services are a result of tight coordination between SECOM Group data centers and "SoftLayer" deployed at its global sites.
We can offer optimised cloud services to our customers, the basic offering includes IBM's "SoftLayer" services as well as billing on the customer's behalf in Japanese yen, with Japanese-language support for enquiries (including technical consultations) to provide the ideal cloud environment, designed to enhance the competitive business power of our customers.

Product sales services

If you require peripheral equipment for networks, PCs, ICT device licenses, backup media, or other equipment, please contact AT TOKYO first. We can provide price quotations tailored to customer requests regardless of manufacturer, and will follow up to ensure a quick delivery.

Other Services

We can also provide other services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any request.

AT TOKYO Business Portal

The “Business Portal” is our communication platform that facilitates the opportunity to explore new colaboration potential between tenant companies within AT TOKYO’s data centers. By leveraging this platform, customers will be able to benefit by the creation of new and exciting mutual business opportunities.

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Consulting services

We are available for consulting on any matter related to data centers, and can propose and design an optimal server installation environment. With AT TOKYO’s distinctive ability to provide world-leading data centers and support including evaluation, investigation, countermeasures, and reviews, we can offer content that fully supports our customers’ businesses.

Relocation consulting services

We can provide flexible support ranging from system relocation to construction, in accordance with a customer’s requirements. This includes support for relocating server equipment from within a customer’s own company or located in another company’s data center to an AT TOKYO data center. We are also available for system setup services where we can carry out work on the customer’s behalf consisting of basic system related tasks such as equipment mounting, cabling, and server setup.

Assessment services

With AT TOKYO’s assessment services, we can perform examinations and analyses of existing environments in order to resolve a variety of challenges including the enhancement of server room energy efficiency and optimization of management/operations, and extending as far as giving support to steps for improvement. Based on the wealth of our experience and knowledge, we can carry out thorough informational reviews and on-site investigations to propose optimal measures for resolution.

Data Center Descriptions

Descriptions of AT TOKYO's data centers.

AT TOKYO Chuo Data Center (CC1)

This center boasts a total floor area of 140,000 square meters, and is AT TOKYO's flagship data center.

AT TOKYO Chuo Data Center #2 (CC2)

A new generations data center with excellent energy efficiency features, making it a highly ecologically focused facility.

AT TOKYO Data Center #3 (DC3)

Ideal for use as a main center, but also as a backup for the Chuo Center or other centers in the metropolitan area.

In addition to these, we also have a center in another location in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Please enquire with us for details.

Our Strengths

Strengths of the world-leading data centers provided by AT TOKYO

1Facilities that give uncompromising focus to mission-critical operations

Our facilities are located in strong, secure buildings that can withstand almost any type of natural disaster. We provide services to a world-leading standard, including reliable and flexible power supplies, ample air conditioning, spaces with expansion potential, and a selection of solutions for networks, security, and operations.

2Diverse services, offered by professionals with the full application of their experience and knowledge

We have leading experts in each field of the wide-ranging operations associated with data centers that can answer our customers' diverse requests. We are also able to provide this high quality service for overseas customers with Japanese/English bilingual services.

3Support for growing the business of our customers

AT TOKYO has ultra-low latency connection environments within its data centers. Various domestic and overseas industries have formed their own communities, where this connectivity aids the growth of the businesses of our customers.

4Carrier-neutral data centers

As a specialized data center business, AT TOKYO offers highly reliable, low latency broadband networks on a carrier-neutral, vendor-neutral basis.

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