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November 04, 2020

AT TOKYO Corporation

AT TOKYO Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)
Designated as Kansai Proximity Area for the Japan Exchange Group

AT TOKYO Corporation (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer: Akira Nakamura; hereinafter referred to as "AT TOKYO") announces that its Kansai Chuo Center (KC1), operating in the center of Osaka City, has been designated by the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) as a Proximity Area for its new access point (AP4) in the Kansai region.

The KC1 JPX Kansai Proximity Area is located within the same building as AP4, and facilitates connectivity to JPX and other systems by using the JPX Kansai Proximity Connectivity Services.
Amid ever-growing uncertainty over the potentially severe impact of large-scale natural disasters on business operations, our financial institution clients can now benefit from using KC1 as a backup site given the greatly reduced risk of the Kansai region undergoing a catastrophic disaster at the same time as the Tokyo area.

The following are the benefits of using KC1 and its key features:

【Benefits of AT TOKYO Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)】

1. Access to JPX and other systems via internal connection lines provided by JPX in the Kansai Proximity Area

2. Access to the following connectivity services from external sites to serve the needs of customers
-External site connectivity via arrownet using external connection lines provided by JPX from the Kansai Proximity Area
-External site connectivity via the services of a telecommunications carrier with an onsite presence at KC1

3. Convenient urban-type data center in a prime location of Osaka (one-minute walk from the nearest station)
-Easy data center access for initial set-up and daily operations
-City center location affords access to an extensive telecom carrier environment
-Abundance of commercial facilities and accommodation in the vicinity

4. Facilities demonstrating a high level of safety and reliability, fully prepared for potential disasters
-Earthquake-resistant structure offering a high degree of seismic tolerance
-Flood risk reduction measures such as flood panel system installed at the building’s entry points to prevent any possible water incursion (note that water related disasters are not anticipated to occur in the location)

5. Sophisticated level of operations based on our record of accomplishments and experience
-Knowledge and expertise accrued through a solid record of operational accomplishments and experience enabling high quality service that complies with the strictest operational standards
-Operable as disaster recovery site in conjunction with our data centers in Tokyo area

6. FISC Compliance
-Conforms to facility standards of FISC (the Center for Financial Industry Information Systems)

7. Neutrality
-Carrier and vendor neutral data center, allowing flexible response to customer-driven preferences

【AT TOKYO Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)】

Data center name Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)
Osaka City Center
Building structure Earthquake-resistant steel structure, with partial use of SRC and RC.

As a company focused on data center operations, AT TOKYO leverages its experience and operational expertise to achieve mission critical support services 24/7. We offer excellent quality and highly reliable data center services to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, as well as assisting in accelerating the growth of our customers’ business.

We aim to create an environment that will contribute to the creation of new business by our customers through the growth of our flexible connectivity platform, and as a global hub connecting data centers within Japan and across the globe.

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