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October 03, 2019

AT TOKYO Corporation

AT TOKYO Opens Data Center in Kansai Region
Provision of Services as a Disaster Recovery Center for Financial Institutions

AT TOKYO Corporation (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer: Akira Nakamura; hereinafter referred to as “AT TOKYO”) announces the opening of the Kansai Chuo Center (KC1) in the center of Osaka City.
Starting from January 2020 (tentative), KC1 will commence data center services to financial institutions, with a core focus on disaster recovery.

Due to the ever present risk to business operations from large-scale disasters, there is rising demand for data center services in the Kansai area, which due to geographical separation, is unlikely to experience a disaster at the same time as the Tokyo area.

AT TOKYO has so far only established its data center facilities in the Tokyo area. AT TOKYO has now decided to take this opportunity to enter the Kansai region in order to address the growing resilience related needs of corporations based in the Kanto area. AT TOKYO will commence offering data center services at KC1 to its financial institution client base.

The following are some key features of KC1 as well as the benefits to customers.

1. Convenient urban-type data center:
Prime location in the center of Osaka City (one-minute walk from the nearest station)
・Easy data center access for initial set-up and daily operations
・City-center location affords an extensive telecom carrier environment
・Abundance of commercial facilities and accommodations in the building vicinity

2. Well-prepared for potential disasters:
High level of safety and reliability
・Quake-resistant structure offers a high degree of seismic tolerance
・Although flood related risks are not anticipated, as a precaution, flood prevention measures have been implemented including the installation of panels at building entry points to protect against any potential incursion of flood waters.

3. Based on our track record and experience, we are able to offer a highly sophisticated level of operations
・Similarly, using the knowledge and know-how that we have accrued through a solid track record of operational experience, we are able to provide services that are subject to the strictest operational standards
・As a DR site, we can offer the potential of integrated operations in conjunction with the AT TOKYO data centers located in Tokyo

4. FISC Compliance
KC1 conforms to FISC facility standards (The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems)

5. Neutrality
The data center will be carrier and vendor neutral, allowing AT TOKYO to easily comply with customer driven preferences

【AT TOKYO Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)】
Data center name Kansai Chuo Center (KC1)
Location Osaka City Center
Building structure Earthquake-resistant steel structure, with partial use of SRC and RC.

As a company focused on data center operations, AT TOKYO leverages its experience and operational know-how to achieve mission critical support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We offer world-class, high quality, and highly reliable data center services to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, as well as assisting in supporting and accelerating the growth of our customers’ businesses.

Our goal is build an environment in which our customers are able to easily collaborate with each other and generate new business value.
This can be achieved thanks to the growth of our flexible connectivity platform, and underscores our goal to maintain growth as a global hub that can connect datacenters within Japan and across the globe.

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