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July 05, 2019

AT TOKYO Corporation

AT TOKYO Cooperates with Tokyo to Achieve Zero Emissions Tokyo
110,000 Tons of Reductions Credits Donated

AT TOKYO Corporation (President and Chief Executive Officer: Akira Nakamura) announces that it donated a total of 110,000 carbon credits to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. AT TOKYO supports the initiatives of Tokyo to achieve Zero Emissions Tokyo and made the donation to carbon offsets in cooperation with the city.

Since its establishment in 2000, AT TOKYO has actively undertaken measures to reduce energy consumption at its data centers.
When the Tokyo Metropolitan Government adopted the Ordinance on Environmental Preservation in fiscal 2010, AT TOKYO’s Chuo Data Center (CC1) obtained Quasi-Top Level Facility certification in compliance with the standards set by Tokyo as a facility that has made particularly outstanding progress in the implementation of countermeasures against global warming (outstanding global warming countermeasures facility).

The CC1 certification was upgraded from Quasi-Top Level Facility to Top Level Facility, and Data Center #3 (DC3) obtained Quasi-Top Level Facility in fiscal 2012. In addition, the Chuo Data Center #2 (CC2) acquired Top Level Facility certification in fiscal 2016, and the DC3 certification was upgraded to Top Level Facility in fiscal 2017. Thus, AT TOKYO steadily acquired certifications and becomes the only data center operator with three Top Level Facilities. As a result of these steady energy-saving measures, AT TOKYO accumulated carbon credits, and it is those credits that were donated at this time.

Going forward, AT TOKYO will continue to strive to be a data center operator that increases convenience for customers in various industries and creates value with customers while taking into consideration energy-saving and the environment.

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