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July 03, 2018

AT TOKYO Corporation

AT TOKYO Launches Business Matching Website AT TOKYO BusinessPortal
A Business Development Platform That Supports Co-Creation Between Customers

AT TOKYO Corporation (“AT TOKYO”) (President and Chief Executive Officer: Akira Nakamura) will be launching AT TOKYO BusinessPortal, a new service,on August 1.

The AT TOKYO BusinessPortal is a new platform service that takes advantage of the wide ranging community of customers using AT TOKYO data centers, allowing for new digital business creation through interactions between customers.

The data centers operated by AT TOKYO are some of the largest in Japan. They are used by internet operators, communication businesses, and service companies with the latest IT technology, such as AI and IoT, as well as by all types of Japanese and global business customers engaged in various digital businesses .

Until now, without a venue or environment for AT TOKYO customers to exchange information, if there were requests from customers to exchange information with other customers, introductions had to be addressed individually. Now, by offering our new AT TOKYO BusinessPortal service, we can begin to also serve as a place that facilitates co-creation between various businesses, through secure? exchange of information by customers and introduction of services.

Customers who have registered for this service can publish their company’s services on our specialized portal site, and they can introduce services to other registered customers. Furthermore, from this one-stop site, customers can make a one-stop application to connect directly with other customersthrough our ATBeX network platform service*1.

In addition to offering the AT TOKYO BusinessPortal,AT TOKYO, will continues to serve as “a digital business platform connecting companies, linking industries, and weaving new values through continuous security.” As such, by enhancing convenience for customers, creating new businesses and values, we aim to be a place with value for customers.
【AT TOKYO BusinessPortal Service】

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【AT TOKYO BusinessPortal’s functions and characteristics】

●Business Matching
Customers can publish company information and offer service information for their own company on our business portal website*2.
Also, with the Company Search and Service Search functions, users can search for a company that matches their needs. In addition, users can also easily make inquiries by using the Chat function*3.

As well as the previously mentioned Chat function, customers can also exchange information such as event information, proposal requests, technology information, and other categories, by posting on the site message board. Customers can freely create threads on this message board*4.

●Apply and Inquire with AT TOKYO’s ATBeX, which lets customers effectively connect

At AT TOKYO’s data centers, customers can connect to cloud providers and service providers through the ATBeX network to connect directly with other customers. One-stop applications for ATBeX can be made through the AT TOKYO BusinessPortal.

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*1: ATBeX is a network platform service that effectively offers diverse connections such as the use of each provider’s services that are being carried out within the AT TOKYO data center and mutual linkage between corporate systems.
*2: Registration is voluntary.
*3: Anonymous inquiry is possible.
*4: It is possible to post on the message board with a pseudonym.

*All company names, product names and corporate logos included in this press release are respectively the Trade Names, Trademarks, and Registered Trademarks of their respective companies.
*The information contained in our news release is valid as of the date of announcement. Service and product fees, service contents, specifications, and other information may be subject to change without notice thereafter.

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