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AT TOKYO Launches Connection Services between ATBeX and IX Services
of 3 Major IX Providers in Japan
Wide range of customers can now use the services via ATBeX

April 3, 2018
AT TOKYO Corporation

AT TOKYO Corporation (Headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Akira Nakamura, referred to as “AT TOKYO”) hereby announces that it will provide connections services between ATBeX (AT TOKYO Business eXchange) and Japan’s major Internet exchange providers (IX, *1)—Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd. (JPIX), BBIX, Inc. (BBIX), and Internet Multifeed Co. (JPNAP).
AT TOKYO is also pleased to inform you that today it will launch the ATBeX ServiceLink for JPNAP and plans to successively roll out the ATBeX ServiceLink for JPIX and ATBeX ServiceLink for BBIX.

ATBeX is a network platform that supports customer business growth  by offering flexible and efficient, diverse mutual connections within the data center. This includes mutual linkage between corporate systems and use of each provider’s services that are being carried out within the AT TOKYO data center.


By connecting ATBeX to the IX services offered by Japan’s major IX providers, customers will be able to access these providers’ IX services through a single ATBeX connection . Customers will be able to take advantage of the multi-connection functions of ATBeX to access IX services along with  various other services, including cloud and communication services. This will enable customers to build a flexible and efficient network.

AT TOKYO data centers will become a place that creates new business opportunities and jointly creates value through interconnections  made possible by the service lineup  of ATBeX ServiceLink(*2), which includes this service.


We here at AT TOKYO look to serve  the needs of our customers while also providing a place for business encounters and connections between customers to support and accelerate the business growth of our clients.



*1:This refers to an interconnection point with ISP and other networks to forward traffic and also refers to those functions.
*2: AT TOKYO’s ATBeX service provides the necessary bandwidth by logically dividing physical ports.





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