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October 31, 2017

AT TOKYO Corporation

Korea’s Largest IX operator KINX Establishes First Connection Point in Japan
Coordination with BBIX enables smooth traffic exchange between Japan and Korea

Seoul-based KINX Inc. (“KINX) and Tokyo-based AT TOKYO Corporation (“AT TOKYO”) today announced they will establish a new connection point within AT TOKYO’s Chuo Data Center (“CC1”), and commence the provision of Internet exchange services starting 20th November, 2017.
At the same time, in cooperation with Tokyo-based BBIX Inc.*1 (“BBIX”), both companies will commence services to enable smooth Internet traffic exchange between Japan and Korea.
KINX, the sole neutral Internet Exchange*2 (“IX”) provider in South Korea that has been supporting Korean Internet traffic as a major IX provider since establishment in 2000, decided to establish this new connection point within AT TOKYO. As a result, connectivity between KINX and BBIX Tokyo customers will be made possible, thereby allowing peering opportunities between KINX’s customers and BBIX Tokyo’s customers to realize quality improvement.
The establishment of this connection point marks KINX’s third point outside Korea next to Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and its first in Japan.

AT TOKYO’s CC1, where KINX’s connection point has been newly established, is the largest data center in Japan with over 30 domestic and overseas carriers and network service providers, in addition to major domestic IX providers such as BBIX. In addition, cloud businesses, ISPs, content providers and other businesses are also garnering attention as points for hosting Internet traffic, especially as connecting points in the Asia Pacific region. CC1 is also used by overseas service providers developing business globally.

In conjunction with the establishment of KINX’s connection point in CC1, both BBIX and KINX will start offering a new service connecting the BBIX Tokyo segment and the KINX segment by linking with BBIX’s connection point, which has already been established in CC1.
By launching this service, Internet traffic exchange between Japan and Korea through the peering arrangement between operators in the BBIX Tokyo/KINX segments will be available, which will in turn contribute to the mutual development of Internet business in both countries.

By establishing this point and exchange service, AT TOKYO’s CC1 connectivity will be further strengthened as one of Japan’s leading data centers with Internet hub capability and also as a gateway to Asia.

KINX, BBIX, and “AT TOKYO” aim to create an environment that can add value and create new business by providing high quality and flexible connectivity to all those conducting business worldwide.
The companies will undertake proactive development to accelerate and revitalize business and create new value.

*1 Established in 2003, is a Japanese carrier-free IX business, and established a connection point in AT TOKYO in July 2016.

*2 Connects other ISP networks to each other, and indicates a place to relay traffic or its function.

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