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IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Connection Services

Realizes direct access to IBM Cloud from a connection point located within AT TOKYO’s data center. Connectivity via "ATBeX" that allows cross connection among a diverse range of other providers as well as direct access via optical-fiber cable enable the establishment of a high-quality business connection.

Premium Connect for IBM Cloud

Realizes the highest level of cloud connection environment. Allows customers direct, on-premises connections with "IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated" via optical-fiber cable from their racks.

Key Features

  • Low-latency direct broadband connection ranging from 1 to 10Gbps over optical-fiber cable
  • Facilitated within AT TOKYO's highly reliable facilities
  • Secure operations using on-premises dedicated lines
  • Diverse route redundant connections also supported

ATBeX ServiceLink for IBM Cloud

Flexible and convenient cloud connectivity. IBM Cloud Direct Link Exchange provides connections via the "ATBeX"* digital business platform operated by AT TOKYO.

* ATBeX is a platform service that provides a diverse range of connectivity options and offers improved efficiency when making connections to partners within the data center, such as connecting to a service provider within the AT TOKYO data center or making links between enterprise systems.

Key Features

  • Enables single-line connection with service providers including cloud services
  • High-quality telecommunications via high-capacity MPLS network with guaranteed bandwidth
  • High flexibility, use only the bandwidth you need and only when you need it
  • Closed network providing high security

Database Colocation Services for IBM Cloud Direct Link

Integration of IBM Cloud Direct Link and on-premises wiring service enables direct connection to AT TOKYO's data center facility. Provides an ideal environment for installing database systems including Oracle Exadata.

Key Features

  • Located in the same premises with IBM Cloud, it enables configuration of a hybrid environment equivalent to on-premises wiring service quality
  • Allows one-stop data migration and colocation-based system operation
  • Boasts high reliability realized through a top, world-class facility with robust security

Examples of AT TOKYO services that can be used with cloud services

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