Azure Connection Service

Direct access from AT TOKYO's data center to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute's connection point.

Premium Connect for Azure

Connectivity service to Azure ExpressRoute Direct via optical-fiber cable.

Key Features

  • Low-latency direct broadband connection at 10 and 100Gbps over optical-fiber cable
  • Facilitated within AT TOKYO's highly reliable facilities
  • Secure operations using on-premises dedicated lines

ATBeX ServiceLink for Azure

This service, which is delivered by AT TOKYO as an ExpressRoute L2 service provider, can be
ordered to customer's networks' bandwidth needs between 50Mbps and 10Gbps.

* ATBeX is a platform service that provides a diverse range of connectivity options and offers improved efficiency when making connections to partners within our central data centers. This includes connecting to service providers within AT TOKYO or for building links between enterprise systems.

Key Features

  • Enables single-line connection with service providers
  • High-quality telecommunications via a high-capacity MPLS network with guaranteed bandwidth
  • High flexibility, use only the bandwidth you need and only when you need it
  • Closed network providing high security

Examples of AT TOKYO services that can be used with cloud services

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