President's Message

Since its establishment in the year 2000, AT TOKYO has provided data center services as a leading company in the data center industry, offering top-class infrastructure incorporating a highly-reliable power supply, facilities with outstanding earthquake resistance, optical fiber networks, while also utilising advanced technology to ensure stable operations 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In October 2012, AT TOKYO joined the SECOM Group and is currently planning to expand its services even further while still maintaining the same levels of high quality.

As an infrastructure sustaining essential systems that cannot tolerate any system downtime whatsoever, and as a global hub assisting international businesses that links Europe and North America with Asia, AT TOKYO's data centers support the business of its customers and contributes to accelerating their corporate growth.

In recent years, the dizzyingly rapid changes of the developing information society have led to greater diversity in the demands placed on the data center industry. From here on, AT TOKYO will continue to gather together the technology and experience of our shareholder companies who have played important roles in supporting the social infrastructure of Japan, and will aim to continue serving as a professional expert in the data center industry, all rooted in our firm conviction of ensuring "zero downtime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year".

AT TOKYO Corporation
President & Chief Executive Officer
Akira Nakamura

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name AT TOKYO Corporation (AT TOKYO)
Head Office 3rd floor, Hulic Toyosu Prime Square, 5-6-36 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061  Japan
Telephone: 03-6372-3000 (main)
Established June 26, 2000
Executive Members
President & Chief Executive Officer Akira Nakamura
Executive Vice President Ichiro Yagisawa
Executive Director Takuya Sakai
Executive Director (CTO) Jun Anezaki
Director Tatsuya Izumida
(Director, SECOM Co., Ltd.)
Director Keiji Hayashi
(Assistant to Director in Charge of Information Systems, SECOM Co., Ltd.)
(President & Chief Executive Officer, SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.)
Director Hirotoshi Maeda
(Senior Managing Executive Officer, SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.)
Director Haruki Mino
(Vice President Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Representative of internet of Things, and General Manager, Innovation Promotion Office TEPCO Power Grid, Inc)
Director Shinya Fukawa
(Executive Officer, INTEC Inc.)
Full-time Auditor Kazuhiko Kojima
Auditor Yasuyuki Yoshida
(Senior Executive Director, SECOM Co., Ltd.)
Auditor Noriaki Taketani
(Director, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.)
Managing Executive Officer Takuya Yamashita
Executive Officer Hitoshi Yokomori
Executive Officer Yoshio Watanabe
Executive Officer Noboru Yambe
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Watanabe
Executive Officer Naoki Nakamura
Executive Officer Tadashi Nishiyama
Capital ¥13.3785 billion
Business Lines Data center business with integrated centralized management of information and communication systems (Telecommunications business (notified status))
Shareholders SECOM Co., LTD.
TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated
Commencement of Operations September 2000
Centers Within Tokyo metropolitan area (23 wards and Tama area))
* Center locations are not disclosed.

Access Information

Location: 3rd floor, Hulic Toyosu Prime Square, 5-6-36 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061  Japan
Telephone: 03-6372-3000 (main)


AT TOKYO fulfills its social responsibilities while placing the highest emphasis on its relationships with key stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and regional communities.


About our corporate ethical action guidelines

Under our management's philosophy of "providing an information and communications infrastructure to support the foundation of society", the executives, and employees of AT TOKYO Corporation work to specified "Corporate Ethical Action Guidelines" so that we may continue to exist as a company that has gained the trust of our customers, and declare that we will take action based on these guidelines. All of our company, including its employees and any affiliated parties involved in business operations commissioned by our company, shall uphold a strong sense of ethics when engaging in business, whilst being fully aware of, and complying with, laws and relevant information pertaining to our business activities.

Environmental protection activities

Data centers that are kind to the environment

We are engaged in the design and operation of data centers that give full consideration to both energy conservation and environment-friendliness. This is recognised by official accreditations received.
Please enquire with us for more details.

Our activities

  • Turning data center walls into green spaces
  • Application of natural light by drawing in sunlight
  • Installation of solar panels

Contributions to society

Cleanup activities in the vicinity of our data centers

Our staff carries out regular cleanup activities at the locations where our data centers and offices are located. Our goal is to exist in harmony with local citizens and to contribute to the creation of an even stronger regional community.

Company History and Certifications

June 2000 Company established
September 2000 Operation of 1st Data Center started
February 2001 Operation of 2nd Data Center started *
June 2001 Operation of Internet exchange point (NSPIXP-2) distribution expansion experiment started
April 2002 Operation of 3rd Data Center started *
June 2002 JPIX distributed site installed in Chuo Data Center
December 2002 ISMS Conformity Assessment System certification acquired
April 2003 Expansion of 2nd Data Center started
April 2006 Commission for DIX-IE distributed site operation received
August 2007 Implemented transition to ISO27001/ISMS
November 2007 PrivacyMark System certification acquired
June 2008 Operation of 4th Data Center started *
April 2011 Operation of 5th Data Center started
December 2011 SSAE16 Type II received
May 2012 Head Office relocated
July 2012 Operation of 6th Data Center started *
October 2012 Largest stockholder changed to SECOM Co., Ltd.
December 2014 SSAE16 Type II received
December 2014 ISMS renewed
April 2016 PCI DSS certification acquired

* Subject to ISMS certification

Acquired certifications, etc.





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