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JPIX to Deploy 100 Gigabit Ethernet Port Connectivity at their Internet Exchange Facility within AT TOKYO
Expanding possibilities for a connected society and IoT platforms, and combining the benefits of one of Japan’s largest IXs with one of the world’s largest data centers

July 25th, 2017
Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd.
AT TOKYO Corporation

Tokyo, July 2017 ---- Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chief Executive Officer: Ryosuke Yamazoe, hereinafter referred to as “JPIX”) announces the availability of 100 Gigabit Ethernet port connectivity at its Internet Exchange[*1] facility (hereinafter referred to as ‘IX’) installed within Chuo Data Center (hereinafter referred to as ‘CC1’) of AT TOKYO Corporation (headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer: Akira Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as “AT TOKYO”) will commence from November, 2017.

In recent years, Japan’s broadband Internet subscriber download traffic has grown at an annual rate greater than 50%[*2]. The total traffic carried by JPIX has also grown at a similar rate, and users have been demanding access to higher bandwidth connectivity options for IX services.

The commencement of the 100 GbE port connectivity at JPIX’s service connection point will enable customers using JPIX’s IX service from within and beyond CC1 to be free from the capacity constraints and operational complexities of implementing additional 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports to accommodate busy peak traffic periods.

JPIX is one of Japan’s largest IXs, and rolling out 100 GbE port connectivity is a service option that is a product of the insights harvested through customer feedback. JPIX operates 5 sites in metropolitan Tokyo, 1 site in Nagoya, 3 sites in Osaka, and JPIX Okinawa (planned), and serves around 170 corporate accounts.

AT TOKYO operates 4 data centers in metropolitan Tokyo, including the CC1 facility that boasts superior scalability with a total floor area of approximately 140,000 square meters.

A major network hub, CC1 is a world-class facility built to the highest standards, and hosts connections points for over 25 domestic and overseas telecommunications carriers. CC1 also possesses the advantages shared by all AT TOKYO data centers, including bilingual support in English and Japanese that are available 24×7 extensive operational knowledge, and with hospitality where customers always come first.

JPIX celerated it’s 20th anniversary of founding on July 10th this year, and this May marked the 15th anniversary of the establishment of JPIX’s service within AT TOKYO’s CC1. The announcement of 100 GbE port connectivity enables JPIX to offer a broader range of highly convenient services to its wide user base. Similarly, this also enables AT TOKYO to offer expanded connectivity options that further enhance the benefits and the value of using CC1 as a connection point for business.
Going forward, both companies will continue to leverage their respective strengths to expand and enrich the service offerings that contribute to the advancement of the Internet in Japan.




*1.Internet Exchanges serve as locations or functions to relay traffic in providing interconnection points on the Internet between ISPs, content providers and other networks.

*2.Source of Japan’s broadband Internet subscriber download traffic (annual growth rate from November, 2015 through to November, 2016)




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